Barton Beebe
John M. Desmarais Professor of Intellectual Property Law, NYU School of Law



Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook (2014-2018)

The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections (Oxford, 2015) (with Haochen Sun & Madhavi Sunder)

Trademark Law, Unfair Competition, and Business Torts (Aspen, 2011) (with Thomas Cotter, Mark Lemley, Peter Mennell & Robert Merges)


Testing for Trademark Dilution in Court and the Lab, 86 University of Chicago Law Review __ (2019) (with Roy Germano, Christopher Jon Sprigman, & Joel Steckel) (forthcoming) (current working paper version: .pdf)

Are We Running Out of Trademarks? An Empirical Study of Trademark Depletion and Congestion, 131 Harvard Law Review 945 (2018) (.pdf) (with Jeanne Fromer)

The Scope of Strong Marks: Should Trademark Law Protect the Strong More than the Weak? 92 New York University Law Review 1339 (2017) (with Scott Hemphill) (.

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Intellectual Property Law and the Sumptuary Code, 123 Harvard Law Review 809 (2010) (.

An Empirical Study of U.S. Copyright Fair Use Opinions, 1978-2005, 156 Pennsylvania Law Review 549 (2008) (.pdf) (data set in .xls)

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The Semiotic Analysis of Trademark Law, 51 UCLA Law Review 621 (2004) (.pdf)         


Design Protection Law, The Oxford Handbook of Intellectual Property Law (Rochelle Dreyfuss & Justine Pilla eds., 2017) (.pdf)

Empirical Studies of Trademark Law, Research Handbook on the Economics of Intellectual Property Law: Volume II. Analytical Methods (Peter Menell and David Schwartz, eds., 2018) (forthcoming)

The Suppressed Misappropriation Origins of Trademark Antidilution Law: the Landgericht Elberfeld’s
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Invited Symposium Contributions

What Trademark Law is Learning from the Right of Publicity, 42 Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts 389 (2019) (.pdf)

Star Athletica and the Problem of Panaestheticism, 9 UC Irvine Law Review 275 (2019) (forthcoming) (.pdf)

Shanzhai, Sumptuary Law, and Intellectual Property Law in Contemporary China, 47 U.C. Davis Law Review 849 (2014) (.pdf)

Fair Use and Legal Futurism, 24 Law & Literature 10 (2013) (.pdf)

Tiffany and Rosetta Stone: Intermediary Liability in U.S. Trade Mark Law, 41 CIPA Journal 192 (2012)

Is the Trademark Office a Rubber Stamp?: Trademark Registration Rates at the PTO, 1981-2010, 48 Houston Law Review 752 (2012) (.pdf)

Does Judicial Ideology Affect Copyright Fair Use Outcomes?: Evidence From the Fair Use Case Law, 31 Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts 101 (2008) (.pdf)

The Continuing Debacle of U.S. Antidilution Law: Evidence from One Year of Trademark Dilution Revision Act Case Law, 24 Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal 449 (2008) (.pdf) (data set in .dta (Stata))

A Defense of the New Federal Trademark Antidilution Law, 17 Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal 1143 (2006) (.pdf)

Shorter Works

Practitioner’s Summary of Results Reported in An Empirical Study of U.S. Fair Use Opinions, 1978-2005, Practising Law Institute, Advanced Seminar on Copyright Law 2008, at 11, PLI Order No. 14793 (2008) (.pdf)

Reply to Alan Audi, A Semiotics of Cultural Property Argument, 14 International Journal of Cultural Property 156 (2007)

Parental Initiative in the Age of Signal Bleed, 109 Yale Law Journal 627 (1999) (.pdf)

Law’s Empire and the Final Frontier: Legalizing the Future in the Early Corpus Juris Spatialis, 108 Yale Law Journal 1737 (1999) (.pdf)

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